Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another "Flesh, Bone, Clone" Cover Idea

Here is another rough cover page idea. Flesh, Bone, Clone (Copyright © 2014 by Edward Murphy) is an action/adventure thriller. The story is about human cloning with a new twist.

Most of the story takes place in the U.S. southwest and the Washington D.C. area. The protagonest in the book is a private detective named Blake Marshall. The daughter of the richest man in the world sets Blake off on a dangerous and thrilling journey hunting for the lock to a very special key. The contents of the box Blake finds is so shocking and world changing that it becomes his quest to save the world.

I hope you will enjoy the book when it's published. There are going to be more thrillers with Blake Marshall in them in the future. That is if there is a future for Blake Marshall and the rest of humanity once Flesh, Bone, Clone becomes reality.

Let me know what you think of the picture art suggestion for the cover of Flesh, Bone, Clone.

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