Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Senator Regal asked, “Do you believe in God Mr. Marshall?” He continued to stare at Marshall without changing his serious expression, “Now then do you Mr. Marshall? A straightforward question honestly. I’m not judging you, I’m curious.” The senator leaned forward, folded his arms, and propped them on his cane.
            “I’m a spiritual man, Senator,” Marshall replied. He held his briefcase on his lap.
            “Do you believe the stuff contained in the notebook?”
            “I do. The information provided is sufficient enough for me to develop a serious investigation,” Marshall admitted.
            The Senator sat back further in the large leather chair. The 797’s Rolls-Royce pulse engines purred in the background reminding them they were on a plane. Above thirty thousand feet, the pulse engines took over from the fan jet  The pulse engine provided maximum speed combined with greater fuel efficiency than the fan jet  With a lightweight fiber body and clear view lounge in front the 797 is the most popular passenger jet ever built.
            “Have you ever seen a human who didn’t have an umbilical cord scar, a navel?” The senator asked. He didn’t give Marshall the time to answer, he added, “I have, it’s something you don’t consider until someone points it out to you, but as soon as they do you can think of little else.”
            “Are you referring to the clones, Senator?” Marshall asked.
“Yes, I've seen them,” Regal said. He used his right hand to push his full head of gray hair back, “oh, not the ones Ben Langston and his wealthy friends manufactured for their own amusement. I’m talking of the ones they clone from clones. The abomination created from cloning from an existing clone are the ones lacking a navel scar. A clear biblical accounting to me. Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone from the book of Origins and clone of my clone from the project book being written at Site-14.”
            “What do you mean, Senator?” Marshall asked.
            The Senator swallowed hard, his mouth dry, “The clones created by the Aeron Initiative at Site-14 aren’t descendants from Adam. They lack umbilical cord scars. Some biblical scholars argue since God created Adam and Eve they didn’t have umbilical cord scars. Perhaps Michelangelo got it wrong on the ceiling over the Sistine Chapel.
            “An example of extreme tinkering with the human body is the fact male Aeron Initiative clones don’t need circumcised. The post-circumcision characteristic is programmed into their genetics, as though they’re recruited to be soldiers in Joshua’s army or perhaps accounting to the covenant of Abraham, regardless…” he paused, “it’s frightening what they can do.   

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