Monday, May 20, 2013

An accident on a lonely stretch of Arizona highway changes the world. Michael Brinstone is unable to find a pulse on the crumpled body lying face down on the side of the road, he had no way of knowing once he turned the body over he and his family would fall into a vortex of life threatening government and scientific intrigue. Private Detective Blake Marshall will risk everything to expose the dark secret and mortal danger of Site-14 and the men who run it.

Ben Langston is the world’s only trillionaire, and he is about to die, but before he takes his last breath he summons his beloved granddaughter Clare to his Casa Con Vista estate. From his sickbed, he gives her an odd-looking key and then softly whispers to her, “I had supper with Jesus...” Clare sends the key to her friend Blake Marshall asking help in finding what it opens. Blake tracks the key to a lock at most unusual bank. In a notebook that Blake found inside a one of a kind vault, he reads about strange events taking place in the Arizona desert.

Blake sent information about Site-14 to a reporter in D.C., who paid a high price when he pursued the story. Blake’s account of Site-14 included the incredible plans underway to build and deploy human-like weapons of war. Moral, ethical, and religious beliefs will fall unless Site-14 is shutdown and those responsible for it brought to justice.

Blake rekindles his friendship with a cop friend. They cross paths with Secret Service agent Silvia Reynolds. She turns out to be a pivotal contact, assisting Blake out of the White House when his visit goes horribly wrong. Meeting aboard the Langston jet, the senior senator from Arizona Wilson Regal asks Blake if he believes in God. Before the effort to expose Site-14 ends, Blake and Regal will need all the steadfastness of faith and courage they can muster in order to survive.

The murderess hand of hate reaches out from the past to haunt Blake and his fiancĂ©e Heather Daniels. They find themselves in a deadly trap, set by a lunatic bent on destroying Blake to avenge his brother’s death. They desperately fight for their lives. After a harrowing escape from Site-14, Blake and Regal end up critically injured in a domestic drone attack. Heather leaves Blake a note in his hospital room and never tells him her secret before he gains consciences. Regal returns to the senate a changed man with a new mission.

From the depths of Ben Langston's abandoned Casa Con Vista residence, new evils grow craving wealth, power, and influence beyond what anyone can imagine.


Exciting new book from the author of CURE COMPLEX

Copyright © 2013 by Edward Murphy

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