Friday, March 7, 2014

CURE COMPLEX News and Reviews

The following is a really nice review comment on "Cure Complex" from a reader on As a writer it's always refreshing to see a good review comment. Makes the effort of writing a book worth it. So far "Cure Complex" has earned very positive reviews from the people who have bought and read the book. I will post some more reviews as I get them (good or bad). 

If you haven't already got a copy please check out or just Google "Cure Complex by Ed Murphy." Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the book and look for my new novel "Flesh, Bone, Clone" set for release in 2014.

A READERS REVIEW of Cure Complex

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This review is from: Cure Complex (Paperback)

Reviewed Cure Complex by Ed Murphy

Really cool concept!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked the idea that something off planet could cause a benefit that is its downfall.

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