Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ongoing Manuscript Review Effort

My current novel I'm working, Flesh, Bone, Clone (copyright©2014), has undergone several core changes over the past few months. I have been working non-stop on it to ensure the best possible reading pleasure fans of my work. I sent the unedited manuscript to twelve people - friends, family, peers and associates. I had a few of them pass it on to people that don't know of me and my writing. I sought their comments and suggestions. fortunate for me I received really great creative and technical input.

The major overhaul of the MS was in the area of grammar and spelling. I was very lucky to have someone with a background in English and style go over the MS with a fine tooth comb. The corrections made in punctuation, spelling and word use made the story snap alive.

Another vital area of review for the MS came in the form of story tracking - making sure a person who dies sin the beginning doesn't speak at the end. Oh it happens. I have over one hundred character's with speaking roles in this MS.

The most significant comment received concerned the ending. Thirty percent of the readers liked it and seventy percent wanted it changed. My problem - after four years of work - I'm still tinkering with the ending.

Hopefully I'll have everything with the MS tightened up and ready to submit to my publisher by the end of March 2011.

The picture above right is a copyrighted image that I purchased from the net. I am using as the cover art for the FBC novel. It illustrates the idea of Flesh and Bone being altered by DNA manipulation. What do you think? Comments? The story line involves human cloning.



  1. I like the picture. It's simple, but curious for more. I can't wait until this book is complete. The rough draft was such a great read. I believe it will be a success!

  2. I sort of liked the DNA strand for FBC. The hand/light would not be my choice.